Thursday, September 18, 2014

18 September 2014

With regard to the Mosul security situation, U.S. air missions  are continuing; a strike targeted an ISIL position in Sinjar. Sources say that the warplanes destroyed five vehicles in the area.

Liberation operations by joint government and Peshmarga forces succeeded yesterday in liberating 5 villages near Khazir.

Within Mosul, the resistance is using snipers in targeting the ISIL gunmen. Yesterday, a gunman has shot dead an ISIL member in the Nur neighborhood.

ISIL members met yesterday with education supervisors of Nineveh Governorate who were informed to remove passages from literature, history, and poetry texts. This also included Darwin's evolution theory and any subject that conflicts with the teaching syllabuses they want to impose. This has come just as the new school year gets underway, and it is clear that their emphasis is on scientific subjects, such as geometry and physics and anything else that might serve ISIL's interests. The ISIL representatives warned teachers of punishment if they do not adhere to their instructions.

Many Mosul students are rushing to respond to Education Ministry calls for registration by way of submitting their exam forms through the internet as a temporary measure, until the Ministry can maybe ask them to go to Kirkuk to sit for their exams.

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