Wednesday, September 24, 2014

24 September 2014

The sources are telling us that some aircraft - presumed to be unmanned drones - carried out reconnaissance flights over the city yesterday. The planes were fired upon by ISIL anti-air weapons.

Also yesterday, the 'Mosul Brigades' claimed responsibility for killing 2 ISIL gunmen in the Wahda district, using silenced weapons. The overall atmosphere in Mosul is one of welcome for the operations being carried out by the international community, but people are calling on the coalition forces to preserve the impartiality of civilians by taking care in their targeting and its accuracy. It is a known fact that ISIL gunmen are dispersed among the civilians and their homes.

Meanwhile, the economic situation here is still burdensome on the citizens of Mosul; the most severe shortages are of fuel, with the available fuel being of very low quality coming from Turkey and Syria and being sold at very high prices. The same applies to cooking fuel.

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