Thursday, September 25, 2014

25 September 2014

Reconnaissance flights are still being carried out in the skies over Mosul, while ISIL forces are still trying, so far unsuccessfully, to target the aircraft.

Refugees sheltering in camps have called on Mosul parliamentarians and on the governor to relinquish their posts, accusing them of being responsible for their tragic plight. For example, Mosul citizens are being supplied with electricity for 2 hours every 5 days.
There has also been public outrage over the abduction, torture, and murder by ISIL gunmen of the activist Samira Al-Nu'aimy. She was murdered because of her opposition to ISIL's actions. She had previously also opposed U.S. forces' actions and was widely reported to have offered her free representation of prisoners. She never relented in her efforts, but this time she has been silenced by ISIL. Her body was delivered to her family with a warning not to seek any public condolences. Our sources tell us that she had become a respected and popular public figure in Mosul without any political affiliations or self-serving interests.

Our sources also say that ISIL, prior to the Paris Conference, was engaged in their 'normal' activities, but these have since been escalated into a heavy mobile and pedestrian presence in the city by ISIL gunmen with their beards and Afghan-style clothing in what is being seen by the public as psychological terror.

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