Monday, September 29, 2014

29 September 2014

Reconnaissance flights are continuing over Mosul, and strikes have been targeted on Guwayr, east of Mosul, according to our sources. The strikes have killed or wounded about 50 ISIL personnel.

The Mosul Brigades, a resistance group within Mosul, yesterday killed an ISIL gunman responsible for making explosive devices at his home.

With regard to services in the city, there is widespread disdain for the near-absence of any services and for the lack of basic supplies in the city.

Sources among the public are expressing concern over the approach of winter amid the fuel shortages. The available fuel is of low quality and expensive, with prices gradually increasing: the price of a barrel of heating fuel has reached 300,000 Dinars - a very high price when compared to prices in Baghdad and elsewhere. Mosul citizens are also fearful of the (possible) liberation of the city before winter. Buying and selling in Mosul is at a standstill, particularly that of cars and homes, with many of those who have money fearful of spending it. They are also concerned that buying a car or a home will be concluded using improper documentation, given the fact that the whole situation is unstable and out of the ordinary.

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