Wednesday, October 1, 2014

01 October 2014

According to our sources in Mosul, security forces are advancing following the liberation of Rabi'a and its surrounding villages. The local Mosul Brigades resisting the ISIL gunmen within Mosul have killed one gunman in each of Salamiya and Qayyarah.

The Mosul Council met yesterday in a Mosul suburb adopted a number of decisions: to call on the Iraqi Parliament to issue smart cards to displaced people that would enable them to receive the one million Dinar grant without any (administrative) problems or delays. Also, teachers who have migrated from Mosul have called for their salaries to be transferred to Kurdistan, following ISIL threats to confiscate the salaries of all employees who have fled from Mosul and whom they consider to be cowardly and liable to having their funds confiscated. Many Mosul police personnel are also calling for their salaries to be paid.

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