Tuesday, October 21, 2014

21 October 2014

Our sources in Mosul are reporting that an army colonel Mohammed Hassouni Al-Juburi and his son were killed yesterday in Hammam Al-Alil by ISIL gunmen. The victim resisted the attack and was able to kill 3 of the attackers before he and his son were killed.
Peshmarga forces yesterday repelled an ISIL attack in the Rabee'a area, and another on the Mosul plains.

ISIL is now confiscating empty houses in Mosul that have been abandoned by their owners. The homes are being used for storing ammunition, IED production, and for housing some ISIL personnel.

Nineveh Traffic Police officers yesterday called on the central government to pay their salaries for the last 4 months.

According to our sources, most of the privately-owned electricity generators have stopped operating as a result of the city-wide water shortage that has affected for the last 11 days, and an electricity shortage for the last 6 days. Acticists are warning of the spread of diseases as a result of the water shortages.

Mosul students who are taking their exams in Kirkuk are complaining about the difficulty of the exams themselves and the difficulties they face in securing accommodation.

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