Tuesday, October 28, 2014

28 October 2014

In Mosul yesterday, a university professor and his son were publicly executed in the Shifa'a district of western Mosul by ISIL gunmen. Our sources reported that the professor and his son were detained 3 months ago and they were killed in a public square without explanation.
Also yesterday, ISIL arrested 7 journalists in a number of districts. They were taken to unknown locations, again without any explanation. They had not been working, but journalists are usually held responsible for news filtering out of Mosul, based simply on suspicion and not on any evidence.

Peshmerga forces are still advancing in Zummar, but their progress is hampered by the ubiquitous mines and IED's along the roads leading to Zummar and its surroundings.

Mosul is its twentieth consecutive day of darkness because of the failed power supply.

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