Thursday, October 16, 2014

16 October 2014

The Nineveh Governor, Atheel Al-Nujaifi, has affirmed that he has received guarantees from the central government and the National Security Adviser, Faleh Al-Fayadh, that the Nineveh operations command would not be reconstituted, and that reliance would be on the National Guard and the local police.
Nineveh Council member, Nawfal Al-Sultan, has confirmed that there are 3 candidates for the Nineveh Police commander position: Khaled Al-Hamdani, Awad Al-Sorachi, and Wathiq Al-Hamdani; their names will be on the table during the next Nineveh Council meeting. The Council has been convening and operating from outside the Province where it meets regularly once a week.

The Mosul Brigades yesterday killed an ISIL gunman using silenced weapons, while he was driving his car along the Mosul-Qayara road.

Mosul farmers have renewed their call on the Agricultural Ministry to defer the payments on their loans, due to the circumstances they are facing.

Yesterday, some Mosul districts have had their water supply partially restored following the damage caused to the high-tension cables providing electrical power to the city's pumping stations.

School administrations in Nineveh Province have changed the school weekend from Friday and Saturday to Thursday and Friday.

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