Tuesday, October 14, 2014

14 October 2014

Sources have confirmed that coalition warplanes yesterday struck targets south of Mosul; about 22 ISIL gunmen were killed.
Also yesterday, ISIL personnel abducted a number of journalists from Mosul; there has been an announcement that one of them, Muhannad Al-Ugaili, has been executed.

The Nineveh police commander, Khaled Al-Hamdani, announced yesterday that the Interior Ministry has approved the back salaries of police personnel who have reported to the training camp located near the Kurdistan Region where they will train for the liberation of Mosul. 5,000 personnel reported to the camp yesterday and it was announced that they would be paid their back salaries, as an incentive for others to report for training.

ISIL yesterday forbade students from Mosul - who wanted to take their exams in Kirkuk - to leave the city, fearing that they might join the resistance camps outside Mosul. They only allowed those who could designate a guarantor of their return following their exams in Kirkuk.
Civil services in Mosul are almost nonexistent; the streets are strewn with garbage because municipal workers have been slow in removing the piles of rubbish, a situation that has been ongoing ever since the fall of the city.

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