Monday, October 6, 2014

06 October 2014

ISIL has distributed a statement in Mosul, demanding that doctors and university educators who have left Mosul must return within 10 days to take up their duties.

This is a part of the threat issued to all who have left Mosul; ISIL has deemed them all as being in violation of Shari'a law and must be punished accordingly.

ISIL is very concerned with medical issues; even with regard to exams, they have fixed exam dates between October 11 and October 23 strictly for medical students; medical institutes, the College of Medicine, the College of Nursing, etc.  We don't why they are emphasizing these fields: they may have more to gain from them, and they have not shown an interest in the other science subjects.

Sources are saying that some merchants and businessmen in Mosul have been permitted to import fuel and some foodstuffs, using their personal contacts, from Kurdistan and elsewhere, in order to cover the needs of Nineveh Province.

The available gasoline that has been imported from Turkey and Syria is inferior in quality and has damaged many vehicles, not to mention its being very expensive. One liter of this inferior gasoline now costs 1,750 Dinars (i.e. some 1.50 US dollars). That is why they have allowed some merchants to import from Kurdistan but we don't know if they will succeed.

Regarding the security situation in the province, ISIL yesterday executed 12 civilian tribal members from Qayrawan following their being held for five days after being abducted.

A coalition airstrike targeted a gathering of ISIL personnel in Sinjar, killing a number of the gunmen.

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