Wednesday, October 8, 2014

08 October 2014

Firstly, we have a report that we have not yet been able to verify: that ISIL has executed 19 people, including the former (woman) parliamentarian Iman Muhammad Yunis al-Salman; according to our source, her parents have been told about her execution by ISIL.

Yesterday, airstrikes were carried out in Tell Afar and Rabi'a, killing and wounding many ISIL gunmen; our sources say that the Mosul Hospital received many dead and wounded, and there have been calls by ISIL for blood donations.

Federal and Peshmerga forces have been advancing to liberate the villages around Rabi'a, but the advance has been slow because of the booby traps the gunmen have set along the roads and within houses and any above-ground structure.

The head of the Nineveh Council, Bashar al-Kiki, announced that a volunteer military force is to be formed in the province in order to liberate it from ISIL's presence.

Yesterday, ISIL issued a statement calling on Christians and Yazidis to return to Mosul, provided that they adopt Islam as their religion; they would then not have to pay the proscribed bounty.

Yesterday in Mosul there was some cautious activity by its residents who have been almost continuously staying at home because of the security situation.

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