Wednesday, October 15, 2014

15 October 2014

Our sources in Mosul are telling us that the Mosul Battalions were able to kill 2 ISIL gunmen in the Hirmat area west of Mosul using silenced weapons.

Coalition airstrikes are continuing on ISIL groups near the Mosul Dam, damaging some high-tension electric power cables which led to the shutdown of the dam's water pumps. This has resulted in major water shortages in Mosul. Sources are telling us that the city's hospitals are some of the most affected.

ISIL has introduced a ban on Mosul residents wanting to leave the city without a guarantor for their return within 10 days. This applies in particular to young men who might join the training camps that are trying to mobilize as many Mosul residents as possible in preparation for the liberation of their city from the ISIL presence.

The ISIL educational authority - acting as an education ministry - yesterday issued instructions to all of the schools in Mosul, designating the first day of the Islamic month of Muharram as the first day of the school year. The instructions demanded of school administrators to list the names of students who do not attend school. Also, a committee is to be formed to transfer students from the abolished College of Fine Arts to other colleges. ISIL has already shut down the various branches of the Fine Arts Institute, and has changed its name to the Institute of Calligraphy and Etching.

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